Are you a hero in everyday life?

Then, it's time to get an ALTER EGO,

develop real SUPER POWERS


  • Register and play for free against 213450 other players: no installs, no payments.
  • Time/day: 5 - 10 minutes with daily pace. Vacation allowed.
  • Unique Super Hero theme.
  • Online easy TUTORIALS.
  • Complete multilanguage English / Italiano.
  • Play from anywhere, even internet point and cell phone.
  • Alive and kicking community chat.
Baby Seal Niki

In this browser game you are a Super Hero, aiming to get more glory then the others. You plan and develop your super powers, fight against other good or bad heroes, join others into teams to solve hard missions and mysterious quests.
Are you ready to get Super?


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  • The knight who says Ni! : Ni!
  • The Unfathomable Avalokitesvara : It's time to light the Bepponzo beacon!
  • Taisedik : I'm sorry, but it's out of my possibility to fix this.
  • The Dazzling Green Lady : Many activities suffer from frost, training is hot.
  • Diamonds Ice : It's cool 8)
  • Diamonds Ice : Is time frozen?
  • Diamonds Ice : it's because they are good aliens
  • The Dazzling Green Lady : Today's world orientation: 50/50. The era of the bad guys is finally at an end! :P
  • Diamonds Ice : for sure, aliens invading earth 8O
  • Sprciufo : what's going on in here?!?
  • The Dazzling Green Lady : 57 members online? Flesh and blood or bots?
  • The Great Tony Stark : Taised, is there anything I could do to help? I know php...
  • Taisedik : Welcome back Tony! Well, the game is on... somewhat...
  • The Great Tony Stark : I'm back!!! Is this game on anymore?
  • Taisedik : We should have finally managed to get rid of the spam. Enjoy the now clean forum!
  • Taisedik : uhmm
  • Taisedik : Read about the spam:,com_fireboard/Itemid,73/func,view/catid,17/id,1505/
  • Taisedik : Yeah! Me too I'm in the A-A era :P
  • The Dazzling Green Lady : New era: A-A
  • SuperMungo the Zombie : Bye, bye
  • SuperMungo the Zombie : I will be beaten again, since I now auto-accept challenges. ;)
  • The Dazzling Green Lady : Bad news :(
  • Baby Seal Niki : Oh no, SuperMungo will be missed since he'll never be beaten again = (
  • SuperMungo : The saddest thing is that I was never able to beat the Invincible Taisedik. :(
  • Taisedik : This is a sad decision :(
  • SuperMungo : After the current Hero Cup I will leave this game and turn into a Zombie...
  • The Dazzling Green Lady : Good up to 30%, slowly slowly :)
  • Baby Seal Niki : Eeego. Eeego.
  • TankGrrl : Fanta LoS :*
  • TankGrrl :

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